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You've moved into a new house. Come in and explore!


Come Here is a game about moving into a new home, still fully furnished with the vestiges of the previous owners. But, the further you move in and the more you explore, the more you realize… something’s wrong. Something’s unsettling about this new house, about… you. 

Spoilers ahead: 

Unlock spoilers at your own risk!

Come Here may seem like a typical horror game, but it’s really about the stories and games we create. Once we build these worlds and these characters, what happens to those characters when they’re out of sight? When they learn that their every move is predetermined by a faceless god, puppeteering them via video game controllers and keyboards? Will they try to take revenge against their God - you - and will they try to change their fate?

Credits (alphabetical by First Name):

Anri French - Lead Artist, Concept Art

Ramy Zhang - Lead Audio Production, Programmer

Tina Zhang - Lead Level Design, Lead Artist, Programmer

Pia Fermin - Lead Storywriter, Concept Art

Yixing Xu - Lead Programmer, Level Design, Storywriter


Windows.zip 548 MB

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