A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

It's a beautiful autumn day, and you're catering for your local coven's yearly Mid-Autumn Festival meetup. On the menu - witchy bubble tea of all kinds!

WASD to move for Cat player, Arrow Keys to move for Crow

[E] to interact with kitchen workstations

[Space] to interact with NPCs (taking orders and delivering orders)


Anri French - Lead Artist, Concept Art, 2D Animator

Pia Fermin - Lead Artist, Lead Storywriter, Concept Art, Background Art

Yixing Xu - Lead Programmer, Level Designer,  Animator, Storywriter

Ramy Zhang - Audio Production, Level Designer, Programmer


Bubble Bubble (Witchcore Cafe).zip 45 MB
Bubble Bubble (Witchcore Cafe).app.zip 53 MB

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